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                                              Benefits of Renting a Class C RV!

  • It has more real sleeping capacity, due to the spacious queen size cab over bed. Two full beds are ready to use immediately without folding down or adjusting interior furniture.
  • With more sleeping capacity, allows a family to rent a smaller sized cab over motorhome at lower rental rates, saving family vacation dollars.
  • Is much easier to drive, park, and maneuver in tight areas such as campgrounds. This feature is very important for the 1st time renter. Our customers report feeling more comfortable and familiar with driving the more "automatic" cab over motorhome.
  • Is easier to handle and drive in windy conditions due to lower overall vehicle profile.
  • It has easier access with three separate entry doors. There are the 2 doors in the cab and the side door exiting under the awning.
  • Since there is less interior volume, cooling the cab area during summer travel is easier.
  • If a rock hits the windshield while driving the angle makes it likely to become cracked. Replacement windshields are more readily available and less expensive.
  • As a "van" based RV, has more readily available over the road service, as are service part items such as filters, belts, headlights, and other cab related items more readily available.
  • With lower profile, has easier entry/egress to vehicle along with the convenience of driver and passenger cab doors.
  • It is quieter when driving, as the cab area "insulates" driver and passenger from over the road noise.Type your paragraph here.                                                                                                                                                             

                           ​RV Rentals

Renting an RV for your vacation can be even better than owning one. At  R&R RV Rentals, we do all the hard work and maintenance on our motorhome, travel trailer rentals so you don’t have to. Our  inventory of  RV's are the perfect choice for your next vacation or event.                                                                    Call us today at  630-854-8949 ​to get a quote.

​                                       Advantage of a Renting a Class A RV!

All of our Class-A RV's can be driven with your standard "Class C" automotive drivers license. The class A is popular because it's both a vehicle and a home in one self-contained package. Unlike a travel trailer, it provides easy access to living quarters from the driver's and passenger's seats. The feeling of openness - much like that of a fixed home - appeals to many RV Renters. Some like the Class-A because the height at the driver's seat affords an excellent view of road and traffic! The "boxlike" shape of a Class-A allows the builder to devise a variety of attractive floor plans that give the RV a homelike appeal. Because a class A is built on a chassis that comes without any body structure, a builder has a lot of latitude for establishing price range and quality. Our Class-A vehicles have 2 A/C units which make cooling easier on hotter and longer trips. Some of these RV even have heaters in the basement storage areas so water piping won't freeze in cold environments. Always take a Class-A on a winter trip when going into a freezing environments. Most A's will only sleep 2-3 couples but there is a lot of floor room. Many just use a queen size air mattress and sleeping bags. If you are planning on towing you always want to rent a Class-A diesel pusher. They are easier to drive and get better MPG.